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Our team has just returned from a wild trip to Bonnaroo in partnership with a brand client, and according to our notes, it involved “14 hours of group texting creators, meeting, chasing, knocking on doors, and waiting out storms!”

It all looks like fun and games, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: event marketing with influencers takes a LOT of work. You can’t just hire splashy names for big events without a plan, unless you want to run the risk of ineffective brand spend — or even negative consumer backlash.

For instance, how about the high-profile creators hired for Coachella who don’t even bother to attend the actual festival?

Or the way Tarte Cosmetics was criticized for its extravagant Dubai trips after being accused of treating a Black creator poorly on a separate Miami Grand Prix auto-racing event?

Effectively planning influencer marketing at a live event goes beyond setting goals, picking creators, and settling budgets. It’s crucial to manage the entire process, including detailed coordination, impactful event design, smart content strategy, and precise success tracking.

Just a few of the details we help manage with our own hands-on approach to live events:

  • Planing the Event Details: Are we talking VIP lounge, private party, or some sort of interactive brand experience? How can it be made memorable and shareable for social media?
  • Coordinating Logistics: Coordinating the travel, accommodation, and entry passes for influencers, plus the event schedule itself. Don’t forget about planning the setup of the event space, including branding elements and any needed equipment!
  • Creating Content Strategies: Here’s where the whole plan needs to come together: what kind of content will be created around the event, including pre-event hype, live updates, and post-event engagement?
  • Keeping It Real: Let’s face it, nobody likes a fake. When it comes to influencer events, it’s all about keeping things authentic. The more real the vibe, the more people connect with your brand. It’s important to align with influencers who really understand the promoted brand and can make genuine connections at the event.

I feel like I shouldn’t have to add “don’t be a classist or racist jerk” but …. let’s just say it’s important that the people running ANY kind of influencer event understand and appreciate the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences of the influencers (and their audiences).

The success of your event depends on the right strategy, precise execution, and genuine connections, and our team is ready to help you navigate every detail. To learn more about our comprehensive approach to live event marketing, get in touch with us or hit reply to this email with any questions!


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