The Creator Marketing Complex is Unprepared for Deepfakes

February 13, 2023
Sway Group founder and CEO Danielle Wiley shares thoughts on deepfake technology and navigating brand safety with creator likeness misuse.
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HyperSocial’s CEO is sorry for how ‘crying’ LinkedIn post was perceived, but isn’t deleting it

August 15, 2022
A candid LinkedIn post from HyperSocial CEO Braden Wallake talking about how upset he was after laying off two staffers...
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Bad Influence: When A Brand’s Social Media Stars Repel Consumers

January 17, 2020
Casper's IPO shows risks of influencer marketing.
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Former Edelman Executive Debuts Blogger Venture

March 21, 2013
Former Edelman digital SVP Danielle Wiley is behind a new joint venture called Massive Sway that connects brands and agencies...
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