3 Reasons Why Social Media Influencers Complement Agency Work

April 21, 2022
In 2022, global spending on influencer marketing is expected to grow to a whopping $16.4 billion industry, up from $9.7B...
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Why Marketing’s Age-Old Sexism Problem is Easy to Fix

November 10, 2021
A recent New York Times article summed it up perfectly: “Yes, Marketing is Still Sexist.” There is an audible sigh...
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Why Disturbing Disclosure Trends Could Ruin Influencer Marketing

November 1, 2021
There’s a big problem with influencer marketing — and it’s not what you think. There are countless breathlessly buzzy articles...
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In Her Own Words: Danielle Wiley believes In-person-only work mandates are anti-mom

June 17, 2021
As our communities reopen, women reflect on what the pandemic has meant to their families, colleagues, customers and communities. Danielle...
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Three Social Commerce Strategies CPG Food Brands Need Now

April 20, 2021
For consumer packaged goods (CPG) food brands struggling to regain lost market share and reach both existing and new consumers...
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Why I Was Wrong About Clubhouse … And You Are, Too

March 15, 2021
“Great, a whole social media platform built around the hell of talking on the phone.” If you, like me, have...
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Your Gen Z Marketing Isn’t Working. Here’s Why.

February 12, 2021
When you think of Generation Z, what comes to mind? If you find yourself picturing a bunch of screen-addicted kids...
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Likes, Shares, Comments: Don’t Be Misled By Past Engagement Rates

January 15, 2021
Influencer marketing has proven to be a powerful tool throughout the pandemic. However, the engagement rates that marketers use are...
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Why mega-famous creators don’t define influencer marketing

December 11, 2020
Brands can shell out the big bucks for a lukewarm celebrity endorsement, or invest in the true powerhouses when it...
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5 All-Too-Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes — and How to Avoid Them

October 6, 2020
Pandemic life has boosted social media usage and digital content consumption, traditional advertising is largely either distrusted or skipped altogether...
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Facebook should feel ad boycott pain in wallet, not influencers

July 9, 2020
The Facebook boycott needs to be focused on the financial pressure caused by halting ad dollars, not the potentially devastating...
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Use It or Lose It: How to Spend Your Upended Marketing Budget the Right Way

June 12, 2020
“You now have an opportunity to use your upended marketing budget in fresh ways, to step away from outdated approaches.”...
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Why influencer agencies must be more than talent agents

May 27, 2020
“Have your people call my people” is a well-worn phrase finding a voice among a new generation of famous faces:...
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The Right Way to Do Influencer Marketing During Covid-19

April 20, 2020
Brands and organizations need to prioritize responsible outreach during these uncertain times, and one of the best ways of doing...
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Casper Is Worried About Influencer Marketing; Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be

January 30, 2020
So now Casper is wary of influencers. Yes, the brand that nearly invented the term “disrupter” when it shook up...
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To Kill All The Likes Or Long Live The Likes?

August 6, 2019
How should you feel about those little hearts on Instagram? Would you like Instagram better without them? Instagram is currently...
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Disregard Speculation—Influencer Marketing Is Still a Necessity in Strategies

June 4, 2019
Between Unilever’s call to action against influencer fraud, headline-grabbing PR disasters like the Fyre Festival and the recent college cheating...
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How to Craft an Influencer Marketing Strategy That Will Outperform Traditional Advertising

December 12, 2018
The rise of influencer marketing can be credited to the fact that the most impactful advertising comes from the people...
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5 Benefits That Come From Working With an Influencer Agency of Record

September 14, 2018
The use of key influencers to drive awareness and spark engagement has become an integral part of almost every modern...
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5 tips for using influencers to alleviate a crisis

May 22, 2018
When working to preserve your reputation and respond honestly to a PR catastrophe, your social media connections can save the...
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#MeToo and #TimesUp Have Done Their Part. It’s Time for Higher-Ups to Do Theirs

April 9, 2018
I was 26 years old and living in Toledo, Ohio. I had just landed my first big job, running two...
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How Mom Bloggers Helped Create Influencer Marketing

March 19, 2018
It’s Women’s History Month, an annual recognition of the many women who have made contributions to history, culture and society,...
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How to Stop Influencer Fraud Before It Starts

February 1, 2018
Opinion: Agencies have plenty of resources to apply against this growing issue
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Why Eliminating Net Neutrality Is Bad for Women

January 15, 2018
The FCC’s recent vote to eliminate net neutrality stands to impact some of the country’s most enterprising innovators. It’s a...
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5 Ways for Influencers to Leverage Pinterest’s Smart Feed Algorithm

January 8, 2018
If you’ve been thinking of Pinterest as a social platform similar to Instagram or Facebook, it’s probably time to adjust...
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4 Traits Influencers Possess

October 1, 2015
In 1996, Bill Gates declared that “content is king.” It’s a statement that remains true today, even if the marketing...
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