TikTok is going longform — marketers aren’t

March 7, 2024
TikTok threw more weight behind long-form content when it announced on Tuesday that its revised creator fund — which pays creators for...
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California Raisins Picks Sway Group to Lead Influencer Marketing

April 26, 2023
California Raisins is stepping up on Instagram and TikTok and has appointed Sway Group as its leading influencer agency for...
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It’s Time to Reconsider Influencer Exclusivity Demands

November 16, 2022
By pushing exclusivity, brands may actually be hurting their own influencer marketing efforts- Danielle Wiley dives into the reasons why.
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Advertisers Brace for Turbulence at Snap, but Welcome Clearer Focus

September 8, 2022
Snap is undergoing a sweeping reorganization as it attempts to stabilize following several quarters of slowing growth. Danielle Wiley, CEO...
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Why Disturbing Disclosure Trends Could Ruin Influencer Marketing

November 1, 2021
There’s a big problem with influencer marketing — and it’s not what you think. There are countless breathlessly buzzy articles...
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Why mega-famous creators don’t define influencer marketing

December 11, 2020
Brands can shell out the big bucks for a lukewarm celebrity endorsement, or invest in the true powerhouses when it...
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Influencers help promote ABLEnow financial savings tool for those with disabilities

November 29, 2019
The initial campaign generated more than double its initial engagement goals.
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