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Swayzine - Influencer Marketing InsightsIn the breakneck-paced world of social media, being ahead of the curve isn’t just a bonus — it’s the secret sauce to nailing influencer campaigns that actually resonate.

At Sway Group, we’re not just about riding the waves of deciphering and capitalizing on trending content (although WHEW, that is a job in and of itself!), we’re deeply invested in understanding the shifts in platform algorithms.

In short: we tackle the heavy lifting so our clients can shine. Want a glimpse into the latest platform moves and their impact on our campaigns? Here’s a sneak peek:

Instagram’s Evolving Landscape

Lately, we’ve observed a noticeable shift on Instagram. While most campaigns traditionally included both feed and Stories content, data shows Stories underperforming compared to in-feed posts. As a result, we’re pivoting our strategy to focus more on in-feed content, reallocating budgets previously dedicated to Stories.

Influencers are loving this new approach, getting creative with tools like ManyChat to chat directly with fans. Now, when someone comments on a post or Reel, they can get a personal link in their DMs. It’s a fresh, fun way to connect and share more cool stuff, opening up all kinds of new possibilities for creativity and conversation.

TikTok’s Strategic Moves

TikTok continues to adapt aggressively, aiming to outshine its competitors. A noticeable trend is the push towards longer, horizontal videos, aiming to capture users with content that extends beyond the one-minute mark.

This moment offers a clear nudge for creators to explore long-form content, making these videos more immersive by allowing them to fill the entire screen sideways upon a simple click.

It’s not just the YouTube experience TikTok is coming for, it’s also Instagram. TikTok is now spotlighting photo carousels, suggesting that this format could garner higher views and engagement compared to traditional short-form videos.

While we’re not abandoning short videos altogether, we’re encouraging clients to experiment with photo carousels, particularly where it complements their messaging and audience engagement strategies.

Why This Matters

Understanding these platform shifts allows us to tailor our campaigns for maximum impact, full stop. It’s about being where the client’s target audience is, in a way that truly resonates. As the landscape of platforms evolves, we adapt too — whether we want to or not, that’s for sure! — ensuring our influencer campaigns stand out and leave a lasting impression.

At Sway Group, we’re more than just marketers; we’re trendspotters, data analysts, and, most importantly, storytellers. Even though it’s a tough job keeping up with all the changes, we’re always excited to see how the new developments roll out. Every twist and turn brings new chances to create something special for our clients and their fans.

Ready to make your brand stand out in 2024? Let’s chat. We’re here to navigate the social platform chaos for you.