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Travel is no longer just about the journey for many; it has morphed into a lifestyle, a philosophy, and an ethos of existence. Today, our global discourse is punctuated by an emphasis on sustainability, weaving an indelible link between travel and responsible stewardship of the Earth. Championing planet protection is about celebrating its wonders while advocating for a sustainable lifestyle. Travel influencers, skilled in the art of visual storytelling, are increasingly taking up this mantle. By harnessing the power of platforms like Instagram and TikTok, they vividly depict their eco-conscious explorations, inspiring followers to tread lightly on our beautiful planet.

But how can brands effectively tap into the trend of eco-conscious travel enthusiasm? The (maybe surprising!) answer lies with micro-influencers.

The Rise of Micro Travel Influencers

Micro-influencers, specifically in the travel sector, are skilled in the art of sharing unique travel experiences that captivate audiences. Unlike their mega-influencer counterparts, micro-influencers provide intimate connections with their followers and offer high engagement rates.

Their smaller, loyal follower count allows for stronger relationships and authentic connections that translate into increased brand trust and sales. Statista reports that the global influencer marketing market value stood at 16.4 billion U.S. dollars as of 2022, having more than doubled since 2019. As the influencer marketing industry has continued to grow, there has also been a rise in micro-travel influencers looking to capitalize on their travel experiences.

Travel influencer woman with blonde hair and green shirt standing on a wooden bridge in the woods facing away from the camera.

Micro Travel Influencers: Champions of Sustainable Travel

Let’s explore some fan-favorite travel influencers who have a passion for sustainability. Their unique travel tips and experiences can help your brand resonate with environmentally-conscious consumers.

  1. Chris Bukard: With awards including a spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30, Chris Burkard’s stunning photography captures the unfiltered beauty of the natural world. His Instagram account, which boasts over 3.5 million followers, showcases his passion for travel and sustainability.
  2. The Bucket List Family: This adventurous family decided to sell everything and travel the world, chronicling their sustainable travel experiences on their popular YouTube channel and inspiring others to follow suit.
  3. Alex Strohl: Alex, a solo traveler, has traveled the world capturing stunning landscapes and sharing his environmentally conscious travel experiences through his well-followed Instagram account. He has capitalized on his adventures through partnering with brands such as Canon USA and Salomon.
  4. Jessica Nabongo: As the first documented black woman to visit every country in the world, Jessica uses her influential Instagram account to promote sustainable travel practices and culturally immersive experiences.
  5. Brooke Saward: Brooke has made a career out of her passion for travel. With her impressive blog and Instagram account, she focuses on solo travel, responsible tourism, and immersing herself in local cultures.
  6. Kristen Alana: Kirsten’s beautiful travel photography and insightful travel tips have made her Instagram account a must-follow for travel enthusiasts. She emphasizes sustainable practices in all her travels.
  7. Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott: This husband and wife duo are recognized for their sustainable travel blog and Instagram account, where they share tips for reducing one’s environmental impact while exploring the world.
  8. Kiersten Rich: Leaving her corporate job behind, Kiersten embarked on a world journey that has transformed into an inspiring travel blog and Instagram account. She focuses on empowering women to travel solo, experience luxury destinations, and incorporate sustainable tourism practices into their adventures.
  9. Rob Greenfield: An adventurer, environmental activist, and humanitarian, Rob is passionate about creating a more sustainable world. His Instagram account is a testament to his eco-endeavors, with his extraordinary experiences ranging from dumpster diving to cross-country cycling, all designed to raise awareness about food waste and environmental sustainability.
  10. Renee Hahnel: A true adventuress, Renee’s Instagram account is a blend of breathtaking nature photography and useful tops for eco-friendly travel. Her content encapsulates the essence of sustainable exploration.

While Sway Group can help your brand partner with any influencer, here are some travel-oriented influencers who are already part of the Sway Network:

  1. Lea & Jeremy: After quitting their corporate jobs, Lea and Jeremy set off on their year-long honeymoon where they made memories to last a lifetime. They now share their travel tips and tricks on social media and their podcast.
  2. Kirsten Maxwell: Kristen has been traveling the world with her children for the past 20 years. Through sharing the breathtaking sceneries and unique stories to social media she has accumulated a large following.
  3. Christine: Christine has traveled to all 50 states and 40 countries. She has shared her journey every step of the way through artful pictures and informative videos. She often speaks about the importance of self-care and the healing nature of being outdoors.
  4. Paige: As an Atlanta-based travel blogger, Paige has traveled to 26 states and 22 countries. Paige is a skilled writer and shares her experiences to her website.

How Can Your Brand Benefit?

Partnering with travel influencers on popular platforms like Instagram or TikTok provides brands with an unparalleled avenue to tap into compelling narratives and genuine firsthand experiences. These influencers have created a loyal following of individuals who trust their recommendations: a single nod to your product from them can spur website visits, escalate social media interactions, and drive a notable uptick in sales.

If your brand resonates with the noble cause of safeguarding our planet, aligning with travel influencers makes perfect strategic sense. It’s not just about crafting authentic content—it’s about delivering that content directly to an audience already interested in the principles of sustainability. This influential partnership marries your brand’s mission with the influencers’ powerful reach, presenting an enticing proposition for sustainability-focused growth.

Why Choose Sway Group?

Navigating the influencer marketing space can be challenging. That’s where Sway Group steps in. As an industry-leading full-service influencer marketing agency, we specialize in connecting brands with the right influencers to generate powerful results.

Our expertise lies in understanding the power of micro-influencers and using that to our clients’ advantage. We’ve worked with many successful campaigns using travel influencers who have a passion for sustainability. We understand the trends, we know the players, and we have the tools to ensure your brand’s success in the influencer marketing realm.

The world is constantly changing, and to keep up, your brand needs to adapt. Collaborating with micro travel influencers who prioritize sustainability is not just a trend—it’s a critical strategy for success in the new age of marketing. Embrace this exciting opportunity with Sway Group. Start exploring the world of influencer marketing with us and unlock your brand’s potential. Contact us today!