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Swayzine - Influencer Marketing InsightsThis year’s Super Bowl spectacle was as grand as ever, with the eye-watering cost of advertising hitting a new peak — $7 million for a mere 30 seconds of exposure!

Even with the staggering expense, brands seemed more excited than ever to splurge on star power this year. Maybe you noticed that nearly every commercial was jam-packed with celebrities, with some famous faces appearing in multiple ads? I personally saw Usher in so many commercials I kept getting confused about whether I was actually watching the halftime show.

Despite major investments from brands in terms of creative work, celebrity contracts, and primetime placement, a surprising number of companies overlooked a crucial component of modern advertising: social media integration. (Notable exceptions: Dunkin’ and CeraVe stood out for their adept use of TikTok and other platforms to amplify their Super Bowl campaigns.)

Leaning too much on celebrities also highlights a big issue: not everyone is a fan of the same stars. Honestly, my living room was a live test case: my daughter lit up at the sight of Addison Rae in the Nerds commercial, a clear win for the Gen Z crowd. Meanwhile, our friends were clueless about Rae while my daughter was left scratching her head at the sight of Arnold Schwarzenegger (“Who IS this guy?”).

This brought back memories of a lively debate at my old stomping grounds, Edelman, about the unicorn-like quest for a celebrity who could appeal to both tweens and their moms. Back then we concluded that maybe, just maybe, Jack Black and The Rock could tick those boxes.

But this year’s Super Bowl ads reinforced a hard truth: pleasing everyone is a Herculean task, one that influencer marketing, with its diverse voices and nuanced reach, navigates with far more grace.

True connection doesn’t come from the flashiest ad or the biggest celebrity cameo.

It comes from understanding your audience and speaking directly to them, in places where they are most receptive. In the end, it’s the authentic, relatable moments that leave a lasting impact, proving once more that when it comes to making meaningful connections, influencer marketing is in a league of its own.

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