Why We’re Different Than Other Influencer Marketing Agencies

At Sway Group, we’re uniquely positioned to bring your influencer marketing programs to life, with guaranteed results you can measure. When you work with us, you get an expert partner who brings passion, creativity, and in-depth industry knowledge to the table in order to help you achieve your brand goals.

  • Paid Media Strategies:

    Our paid media strategies complement our influencer marketing campaigns, reaching highly targeted additional audiences and amplifying overall engagement. We are digital content experts who use our audience-engaging capabilities to develop successful paid social, programmatic, and search strategies. All of our advertising services include iterative optimization of ads and targeting, allowing us to achieve the highest yield and lowest costs possible.

  • Challenging Recruitments:

    Using real voices to communicate brand benefits works for even the trickiest of topics. While we’ve worked on plenty of ‘traditional’ influencer campaigns, we’ve also successfully worked with brands that run the spectrum from mental health awareness to winter windshield covers to incontinence products. We have the in-depth network and influencer connections to find the right people to promote your business, no matter what.

  • Fast Turn Campaigns:

    Whether you’re looking to run a high-volume campaign timed with an event or season, or you simply need some brand-owned content ASAP, we can deliver on a dime. Our processes have been honed over the years along with our influencer knowledge and relationships: we know exactly how to produce fast, effective results for our time-pressed clients.

  • Industry-Leading Performance:

    Our best-in-class influencer storytelling and media exceeds the industry engagement rate by up to 3x. While content quality may be subjective in nature, there are plenty of metrics that provide insight into how a post resonates with its audience — and here at Sway Group, we consistently outperform the competition when it comes to sponsored content performance. One of the strongest indicators of an agency’s worth is their repeat business. We’re proud to say that we continually partner with some of the best brands out there, and there’s a reason they keep coming back: from food to parenting to consumer goods, we deliver brand engagement that moves the needle.

  • Exceptional Content Strategies:

    Many influencer marketing companies are limited to using algorithms to identify potential creators for brands to contact. In comparison, we can handle any — or every! — aspect of your influencer and content marketing efforts, from vetting the best campaign talent to tracking performance metrics in real time. We know that today’s audiences don’t respond to influencer posts that feel bland or inauthentic, which is why we encourage flexible content prompts that allow for creativity and spark dialogue. In the end, your brand messaging is elevated by influencers and consumers alike, with plenty of opportunities for you to join the conversation. Whether you need top-notch standalone content assets or a full spectrum of innovative media strategies, we can present your brand through the right kind of lens for your campaign objectives.

  • Our Approach to Diversity & Inclusion:

    The principles of diversity, equity, and social justice are fundamental to what we do, and we prioritize inclusivity and respect as a business and as individuals. We are a women-owned and operated business, committed to supporting women’s economic empowerment and gender parity in commerce. We know that influencer campaigns are more powerful when they authentically represent the lives of the audiences who experience them, and that recognizing and honoring diversity is critical for today’s marketing outreach. Now more than ever, it’s important for brands to put action behind their stated values. We can help you reach socially-conscious consumers through the right kind of influencer outreach, thanks to our diverse network of creators and tastemakers who know what’s meaningful to audiences. Influencers have the trust and credibility that audiences are drawn to, and can share corporate initiatives within their own like-minded views on social, environmental or political issues.

  • Quantifiable Results, Guaranteed:

    All the agency claims in the world are nothing but empty promises without measurable results. Sway Group’s in-depth campaign metrics and analysis means that determining a campaign’s success is never a guessing game. Our data-driven insights not only demystify campaign reach, they reveal valuable levels of audience interest and involvement. Sway Group campaigns are built on our extensive knowledge of what makes influencer and social media programs successful. We’re so confident in our ability to develop the right strategic outreach with the right social advertising elements, we’re able to offer our clients guaranteed social minimums.

  • Full-Service Partnership:

    Our full-service, hands-on approach means we’re more than an agency: we’re your partner, serving as a powerful extension of your team. Sway’s amazing staff is filled with passionate experts with plenty of agency and brand experience, along with numerous years in the influencer and social media space. As a client, you’ll receive hands-on strategic service throughout the course of your program, from research and creative development to performance metrics and analysis. Your campaign team at Sway Group includes 6-8 staff members dedicated to your success: an account director, campaign manager, influencer coordinators, quality assurance analysts, and insights and reporting professionals.

  • Quality of Influencer Network:

    Sway Group’s diverse influencer network spans many topics and verticals, with niches and sub-niches that support various brand initiatives. Our thousands-strong network of creators and tastemakers know what’s meaningful to their audiences, and can in turn share your messaging in a way that truly resonates. We have the toolset and relationships to identify best-fit talent for your business goals, with a dashboard that delivers highly vetted influencer profiles that include social reach, engagement rate, audience demographics, historical performance, and more.

When it comes to recruiting and communicating with influencers, detecting fake followers, and ensuring the quality of our campaigns, our technology allows us to focus on strategy and service — but it doesn’t replace the personal relationships and community expertise that drives our business. Ultimately, we rely on a mix of art and science to connect your brand with the audiences in your ideal demographic.

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