A Different Kind of Influencer Agency

You know bad influencer marketing when you see it: flat, uninspired posts from creators who clearly don’t care about the brand they’re promoting. At Sway Group, we’ve always understood that the best kind of sponsored content feels authentic and credible, and organically aligned with an influencer’s usual posts. We focus on delivering genuine brand storytelling and affinity from professional creators of all kinds, with guaranteed results you can measure.

  • Exceptional Content Strategies.

    For over a decade, we’ve been matching the right content to targeted audiences: simply put, we know what resonates with today’s consumers.

  • Guaranteed Results.

    We guarantee minimums and provide real-time performance metrics and data-driven insights so determining campaign impact is never a guessing game.

  • Paid Media Expertise.

    Our unique ability to layer organic and paid strategies means that we understand the big picture of bringing it all together for success.

  • Quality of Influencer Network.

    Our influencer network includes over 30K authenticated creators, spanning all social platforms and a great variety of niche topics and content verticals.

  • Real-Time Insights.

    Sway’s client-facing dashboard offers full campaign transparency, with the ability to analyze live engagements and make adjustments on the fly.

  • Challenges Accepted.

    Tricky influencer recruitments, sensitive brand messaging, fast-turn campaigns, high-volume needs and more — we truly can handle it all.

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