Influencer Marketing Workshops

We don’t believe our knowledge and expertise in the industry should be kept to ourselves. We have pulled together the playbooks our teams use every day with our brand and agency partners to develop a workshop series to teach you how to manage and scale your influencer marketing programs. Workshops include content for both Marketing, Communications and Legal teams. Each of the below modules are tailored to fit your specific needs.

Workshop Modules for Marketing & Communications Teams:

  • Creating a Cohesive Influencer Strategy
  • Recruiting and Briefing Influencers
  • Negotiating and Paying Influencers Fairly
  • Instituting Quality Assurance and FTC Compliance
  • Measuring the Impact of Influencer Programs
  • Getting the Most from Your Influencer Content

Workshop Modules for Legal Teams:

  • Brand Protection in the Digital Age
  • Influencer Marketing Legal 101: What You Need to Know
Danielle Wiley leading an influencer marketing workshop

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