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So How Do You Select the RIGHT Agency To Work With?

When you work with an influencer marketing agency, you need to trust that they will evaluate your business needs, campaign key performance indicators (KPIs), and target consumer mindset in order to develop a spectrum of media strategies that will deliver the results you need.

You won’t have any trouble finding a business who promotes themselves online with a plethora of influencer and content marketing keywords.

However, what you really need is an expert partner who acts as a powerful extension of your team.

Project Profile: Pet Product
120.1K Impressions
5.3K Engagements
Project Profile: Parenting Product​
841.2K Engagements
13.8K Clicks
11.9M Potential Impressions
Project Profile: Consumer Product
908.8K Impressions
40.4K Engagements
Project Profile: Travel and Hospitality
1.5M Impressions
77.2K Engagements
133.5K Video Views
Project Profile: Quick Serve Restaurant
27.2M Impressions
25.5M Video Views
1.3M Engagements


Project Profile: Financial Institution
752.1K Impressions
77.2K Engagements
1.2K Clicks to landing pages
Project Profile: Retail Store
1.1M Impressions
127.2K Engagements
5.8K Saves
Project Profile: Home Improvement
151K+ Engagements
3.5M+ Impressions
52K+ Clicks
Project Profile: Healthcare
2.4K Engagements
3,417 Clicks to landing pages
3.9M Impressions

Why choose Sway Group for your influencer marketing campaign:

  • Guaranteed Results
  • 12 years experience
  • 45K+ network of diverse influencers
  • Recognized by press and industry awards
  • Full-service agency including campaign management, influencer discovery/recruitment, quality assurance


Ready to connect with us?

It can be a challenge to find the resources to manage your influencer programs, especially at scale. That’s why our influencer management strategies include the flexibility to supplement your existing infrastructure, so we can be the full-service team you need.

The RIGHT Agency Can Help You Realize This Powerful Benefit to Influencer Marketing

influencer example

As influencer marketing strategy experts with a deep agency background, we are uniquely positioned to bring your business goals to life.

Our thousands-strong network of content creators know what’s meaningful to audiences, and together we can present your brand through the right kind of lens for your campaign objectives.

When you work with us, you get the benefit of our hands-on expertise, our passion, and our dedication.

Every campaign starts with a team dedicated to you and your business goals: a typical influencer program includes 7-10 Sway Group professionals, from client services to quality assurance and reporting.

Whether we’re operating as a powerhouse extension of your existing influencer marketing team or handling everything from strategy to execution, we’re devoted to your success.


Reach out – we’d love to take your influencer marketing to the next level.