Sway Group sits at the powerful crossroads of content and influence. And that’s why clients come to us when they have high-touch content needs that require a true strategic partner. We believe that marketing messages deserve and need to be scaled across multiple platforms. After all, in this day and age, content is a brand strategy, not a tactic.


Our Massive Sway network is our biggest point of difference from our competitors. It is powered by The SITS Girls, a community that is highly focused on education and sharing best practices. This allows us to teach our influencers (in a supportive and friendly environment) how to create the most effective and high quality content possible. From forums to webinars to in-person conferences, we offer a variety of ways for our influencers to connect with us and with each other. We actually have an entire team of staff members dedicated to the nurturing of this community because we know that when our influencers succeed, our clients succeed too.

brand strategy
brand strategy


Finding the right influencers is time consuming and difficult, but luckily for our clients, Sway Group does all of the legwork. Our proprietary dashboard allows us handle all recruitment, vetting and communication with our extensive network. We are also skilled at recruiting outside of our network for those very niche campaigns. Just tell us a bit about your target demographic and KPIs, and we’ll do all the rest. 

QA and Compliance

Our QA and Compliance team is tasked with reviewing every single piece of content that is generated by influencers for our sponsored campaigns. They monitor for FTC compliance, brand strategy accuracy and adherence to our social media guidelines. Influencers aren’t compensated for their work until their content has been signed off by a QA Analyst. Some of our competitors have turned to automated compliance-checking programs, but it is our opinion that this stuff is too important to delegate to a machine. When legal issues are at stake, we want the accountability that can only be found in the human space.

brand strategy
brand strategy

Paperwork and Payments

Paperwork and payment processing for a large influencer program can be a huge headache for many brands and agencies. Sign just one contract with us and let us take over all influencer contracting, accounts payable and tax reporting.

Tracking and Reporting

Your campaigns are only as good as the metrics that are generated. We have invested in robust reporting technologies, including a proprietary tracking pixel system, to make sure that you get all of the data you need. We then sift through that data to tie it back to your specific brand KPIs, giving you a highly-customized report that has data you can actually use. We even include information on how your influencer marketing efforts have changed the social landscape for your brand strategy. By monitoring consumer sentiment prior to, and after a campaign, we are able to really drill down into the ROI of a particular initiative.

brand strategy

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