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What do Sponsors Want from Blogger Conferences?

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Sway Group’s sister company is called Sway in Real Life, and is focused on selling sponsorships to social media conferences. We love having this service in our arsenal, as it allows us to create comprehensive programs that include both online and offline components. A couple of weeks ago, I drew this spider chart to show how that would translate for a product. This example is for the launch of a new healthy dip:
What do Sponsers want from BloggersI know this is hard to read, but I hope you get the gist. A company is launching a new dip, so we create a multi-faceted campaign to help promote. This includes online components such as sponsored posts, FB chats and video series, but also offline components such as use of the blogger as a spokesperson and a presence at multiple events.

This brings me to the question on my mind. What do sponsors actually want from blogger conferences? Allison and I certainly have our own opinions about what conferences can provide to sponsors, but we’d love to hear from you directly.

Are you, as a sponsor, looking to network and make connections? Do you want to get impressions? Photos of ladies wearing/using/holding/eating your product? General awareness?

Tell us!

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