Strategy & Research

We believe influencer programs work best when they’re treated as a strategy rather than a standalone tactic, which is why we aim to harmonize our work with your broader marketing efforts. We evaluate brand needs, campaign metrics, and consumer mindset in order to develop a broad spectrum of media strategies that will deliver the results you need.

Our incredibly diverse network allows us to test, brainstorm, and gather feedback from your ideal demographic. Enhance your campaigns with survey data that reveals effective talking points, or leverage our resources for ongoing product strategy.

For clients with in-house influencer management teams, we run workshops and training sessions for both marketing and legal stakeholders. We offer a custom curriculum that streamlines the process of recruiting, managing, and activating influencers at scale.

Metrics Matter:
Content quality can be subjective, but it all comes down to performance. Our focus is data-driven, so we are continually evaluating campaign metrics to improve content strategies.

Next Steps:
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