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Turn Sponsored Content into Earned Media

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Digital influencers bring unprecedented value to a specific audience segment through their large following, established trust and expertise on social networks. Not only are they influential to their consumer followings, but news outlets also keep their eye on prominent online tastemakers for a first look at the trends and topics drawing the most social engagement.

We love when sponsored content turns into earned media (and so do our clients!). What steps can be incorporated into a content marketing strategy to give brand content the best shot at mainstream placement?

Our best piece of advice is to trust in your influencer. Influencers have long-standing relationships with their audiences and provide a platform for brands to have the appropriate voice, time and lasting influence with consumers. The right influencer understands their audience and knows what will resonate to increase engagement. Allow them the freedom to take brand messaging and incorporate their own voice and style. Doing so allows influencers to develop unique, genuine and organic content, primed for active engagement.

Want proof? Our influencers are consistently developing new and creative sponsored content on behalf of brands. Below are just two examples of posts that achieved mainstream attention and viral engagement.

Elizabeth Stark of Brooklyn Supper made BuzzFeed’s list of 31 Delicious Things to Cook in March (#14) for her Roasted Golden Beet and Carrot Dip recipe as part of a sponsored post with Wolf Appliances.Influencer Elizabeth Supper of Brooklyn Supper

Amy Locurto of developed a unique cupcake INSIDE a Coca-Cola can as part of a sponsored post program for Coca-Cola and Ritz Cracker’s Home Bowl. The recipe video was featured on mainstream news outlets and now has more than a quarter of a million views.Influencers Amy Locurto of LivingLocurtoEarned media exposure not only expands the reach of sponsored content, but also extends the duration of a campaign to a second phase of shareability and engagement. Contact us for more information on the influencers we work with to drive results.

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