All of our campaigns are customized to the
specific KPIs of our clients.

Our strategists develop insightful content concepts based on historical social trends, past campaign performance metrics and calendar-based search behavior. We then work with our influencers to place the right content, in the right format, on the right platforms, at the right time.

Sponsored Blog Posts

Created by a diverse range of influencers, our sponsored blog posts function as a content pillar, focused on raising brand awareness and featuring key messages in personal and creative ways. Each influencer will share their blog posts with their social media communities and boost their supporting amplification on Facebook.


Live Streaming: Live stream videos via Facebook have tremendous exposure capability, especially when combined with amplifiers.

Hand-only Demonstration: Recipe or DIY videos, filmed from an overhead perspective onto a flat surface frequently trend on Facebook.

Branded Content: Branded video content embedded into blog posts, as well as posted in native format on various social networks drives incredible engagement.

Visual Storytelling

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts all perfectly pair visual and written storytelling to drive consumer engagement across multiple platforms simultaneously. Influencers can use unique images they’ve captured or create custom content in creative ways (such as a Photoshop integration of a branded image).

Instagram’s new “Swipe Up” feature in Stories allows influencers to invite their audiences to view a coupon, link to a blog post or explore a landing page to drive additional engagement on the platform.

Social Media Amplification

High-tier influencers on Twitter will share campaign blog posts and brand messaging on their social channels. Twitter social media amplifiers drive additional brand awareness, engagement and conversation about blog and video content.

Social Media Advertising

Sway manages social media advertising across Facebook on behalf of clients by purchasing ads and boosting influencer-created content. Promoting content on Facebook results in the highest engagement rates on influencer-created content, especially when targeting millennials and young parents.

Sway Socials

Sway Socials are entirely different from traditional house parties. Not only are all attendees influencers, able to extend the reach of the event both in real-time and following the event, but our skilled team are also experts at bringing brand messaging to life.

Creative Content Studio

Clients engage the Sway’s Creative Content Studio to produce the volume of content needed to make a brand’s owned, earned and paid social media presence thrive. We create editorially-directed content that is on-trend and timely. Our trusted network of content producers is able to produce this original content quickly

Shopper Marketing

As more prospect interactions occur online, and as more social media gets incorporated into overall marketing strategies, the actual time for sales engagement has shortened. By utilizing social media platforms, you can help to fulfill the touch points of your consumers’ path to purchase.

Twitter Parties

By pairing digital influencers with the power of Twitter, Sway is able to engage consumers in a fast-paced dialogue in order to spread brand awareness and evoke specific calls to action.