How to Repurpose Social Media Content on Your Brand’s Website

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As marketers, we know that consistently creating new content is a major key to maintaining our audience’s interest. However, it can be a challenge to come up with unique ideas for content that will capture your audience on a regular basis. So where should marketers look to for content inspiration? Glad you asked! Keep reading to discover 5 easy ways to repurpose social media content you can use to your advantage.

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5 Ways to Repurpose Social Media Content on Your Brand’s Website

Check out these 5 easy ways to repurpose social media content to your benefit:

1. Crowdsource

In other words, get your followers to write your content for you! Simply ask a question on a social media platform like Facebook or Twitter and watch as your audience responds. People love to show off their expertise, so your followers will naturally feel inclined to participate. From there, all you have to do is write a blurb explaining what the forum is about and post a link to it on your company’s webpage or blog. This is not only a great trick to quickly creating new content, but also an easy way to initiate engagement.

2. Crosspost

First, find a post that coincides with your product or service. For example, if you’re a marketing company you could find a an article that discusses upcoming marketing trends you should incorporate into your strategy. After you’ve found the post, be sure to share it across all of your social media platforms. This works best with Instagram and Facebook because the two platforms automatically link to each other. However, don’t forget about other apps like Twitter and LinkedIn! Moreover, even though the post may not be your content, you will still be able to maintain your audience’s interest by continuing the conversation.

3. Create a Pinterest Board

The key to creating an effective and aesthetically pleasing Pinterest board is to have a theme. Once you’ve established your theme, just grab your brand’s blog posts and some other Pins that parallel your content and put them together in a board. From there, write a little teaser on your company’s website that introduces the Pinterest board and add a link so your readers can instantly view it. This way you have a post of a bunch of different posts that will keep your followers busy and interested!

4. Create an Instagram Booklet

Instagram recently added a component that let’s you include 10 photos in one post. Marketers can use this feature to create a preview booklet of their brand’s blog posts. For example, if you’re a marketing company, you could use the graphics from a couple posts that all relate to something like social media marketing. For your caption, you should include a call-to-action like, “Looking for social media marketing tips? Then check out these helpful posts!” With this caption, be sure include a link to your company’s blog. This booklet is a great way to link your followers to older posts they may have not seen on your blog.

5. Take a Position

This is similar to crowdsourcing in the sense that you are asking for the audience’s opinion. Except this time, you’re finding a thought-provoking article that inspires a debate. This can be an effective marketing strategy if properly executed. Moreover, you don’t actually have to distinctly say what side you’re on. Instead, merely pull a quote from the article, add a thought or two, and post it on a platform where followers can respond. However, stay away from anything too controversial that could potentially outrage your followers. Alternatively, you should aim to find an article that demonstrates how your brand is aware of what is going on in the world.

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