Brand Challenge:

To celebrate its 5th anniversary, ABLEnow wanted to partner with ABLE-eligible influencers to share personal accounts of how the product has improved their family’s quality of life and financial security.

Campaign Success:


Actual Impressions




Comments & Replies




Clicks to the ABLEnow Website

“Sway Group consistently finds the right people for our goal of reaching ABLE-eligible individuals and families. Their genuine personal stories really help to drive the right kind of awareness — along with increased site traffic and account signups. We couldn’t have been happier with the results of our campaigns.”

Sarah Pennington, Brand Manager

The Sway Solution:

Authenticity and relatability were two key components of this niche campaign. Sway Group enlisted a diverse range of disabled influencers and parents of ABLE-eligible children to develop inspiring and feel-good content that resonated within the community.

Having worked with ABLEnow since its launch in 2016, we were very familiar with the brand and already had a strong understanding of the program’s nuanced eligibility requirements. We were able to use our diverse network of influencers to quickly recruit ABLE-eligible influencers with deep ties to their communities.

Our content strategy for this campaign focused solely on Instagram with static posts and stories that included a strong call to action to click-through to the ABLEnow website. Influencers were so enthusiastic about the campaign that they took it upon themselves to create bonus content above and beyond the original project scope.

To supplement the organic engagement, we leveraged the highest-performing influencer content into paid media placements, which increased campaign impressions and engagements.

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