clicks to the Drinkworks landing page (69% higher than our benchmark)

Brand Challenge:

In order to support the launch of the new Drinkworks® Home Bar by Keurig®, Drinkworks was looking to reach target consumers on a state-by-state basis during the product rollout process. The primary campaign objectives were to raise awareness about this new product and the relatively unfamiliar category of home drinkmakers, while also driving clicks to the Drinkworks website.

The Sway Solution:

We started by developing a comprehensive content strategy to reach Drinkworks’ target market during times of high interest and product availability. We executed multiple geo-targeted flights leveraging key consumer moments throughout the year, with high-impact content centered around relatable audience themes (date night at home, celebrating during the holidays, etc). When COVID-19 restrictions began to impact large sections of the country, Sway quickly adjusted campaign tactics and content angles to better align with virtual entertaining and the new stay-at-home reality.

Publishing tactics included utilizing multiple social media platforms as well as blog posts to maximize reach and organic SEO results. We incorporated top-performing influencer content into targeted paid media that drove additional engagement and click-throughs.

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