Our goal since inception has been to lift up women.
Our mission statement:

We empower women through the elevation of their knowledge and voices.

What Our Team Has to Say About Working for Sway

I had a need to be surrounded by strong women and to allow and help women have their voices be heard. I loved blogging, and hearing other women tell their stories and spill their hearts. I loved how women could make a living working in this space but saw the other side of the marketing budgets and knew all too well that they weren’t getting compensated what their voices were really worth.

Erin BessSenior Client Services Manager

I have been able to fulfill a part of me that was missing. I feel that there is an amazing group of women that I am surrounded by and that while we all have different stories, it is somewhat the same.

Leah LeatherbyQA Analyst

I love being part of a company that is growing and where we aim to help women succeed (both employees and the influencers) instead of bringing them down.

Stacey EricksonInsights Associate

My girls. Not only being able to spend time with them, which is difficult if you work a corporate job (and have to commute and have to travel), but because working from home allows my girls to see the value in what I do. Not only for my family but for Sway as well. They understand my contribution to our family and I truly believe they will grow up having a better knowledge of self worth.

Cheryl DunnQA Manager

One of the reasons I started blogging was for the community. The relationships I’ve developed have been so valuable to me and have helped me get where I am today. The very first community I joined was SITS and from day #1 I was so impressed with the positive and supportive community they started. Now here I am, 7 years later working for SITS/Sway being able to offer women awesome paid opportunities.

Tina SeitzingerInfluencer Network Manager

My mom singlehandedly raised me and my older sister as a full-time physician AND a full-time mom. I saw that women COULD do everything and that you didn’t have to make a choice between having a career and raising a family. Sway enforces and underscores that ideal. Since I work remotely, my time becomes so much more productive. Instead of wasting hours commuting back and forth, I’m able to get in a full day of work AND cook AND exercise AND write my book AND blog AND build my blog/social media presence AND have an active social life. Sway has empowered me to enjoy a full life of AND, not OR.

Nikhita KamathInfluencer Network Associate

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