Management & Optimization

Our thousands-strong network of influencers, The Sway, encompasses spans across many variety of platforms and verticals, giving us access to a great variety of deeply engaged audiences. , from blogs to social networks . We are closely deeply connected with to our influencers and can custom query to find the precise socio and/or geographic demographics you are looking for. Our ongoing collaborative efforts means we’re always We improving continually work with our influencers to improve content strategies and staying current with evolving technologies and platform trends.

For clients with in-house influencer management teams, we can supplement your programs in a variety of ways:

  • We can handle the initial recruitment, vetting, and negotiations for relationships that will ultimately be owned by you
  • We are able to track your influencer content as it goes live and report on metrics.
  • We can offer strategic advice on how to repurpose influencer content
  • We run custom workshops and training sessions for brands and agencies designed to help teams improve and scale their influencer programs.

We are also able to help you execute conference partnerships and other in-person events with influencers and consumers.

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