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Influencer Marketing: A Summer Spent with Influencers

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Daylight savings has come to an end which means summer is just on the horizon. How are going to spend it? In the Bahamas? On a Hawaiian island? What about with influencer marketing? Even if your product isn’t specific to this season, influencers can help promote it in a way to not only appeals to the season, but also to your target audience. Keep reading to find out more about how influencers can make your summer marketing campaign a success!

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How Influencer Marketing Can Make Your Summer A Success

Learn how influencer marketing can take your summer marketing strategy to the next level:

Like we said, your brand doesn’t have to be centered around summer to carry out a successful summer marketing campaign. Just as they always do, influencers can use their creativity, storytelling capabilities, and of course their sway to produce compelling summer campaigns. Still skeptical of using influencers to market your summer promotions? Then check out this awesome example of how our influencers made this company’s summer campaign a success.

Even though summer may not seem like the optimal time to think about finances, it actually is. For example, during the summer months, women begin to schedule vacations and prepare for the upcoming fall. That’s why two summers ago, Sway Group partnered with a financial institution to generate buzz around its financial independence campaign. How did our influences do this? By centering this financial ‘independence’ campaign around Independence Day! Our influencers hosted a Twitter Party where each shared their vision of financial freedom. This Twitter Party ended up drawing so much attention that it trended nationally during the whole hour it was live. Our influencers successfully secured 46 million impressions, of which 33 million impressions came from this Twitter Party. Moreover, by infusing personality and integrating a timely promotion, the campaign was widely shared for its ability to capture women in a unique way.

As you can see, influencer marketing is an incredibly efficient marketing strategy. Not only do our influencers create fun and engaging campaigns, but they do so in a way that most effectively generates leads and helps your brand acquire as many customers as possible. If you’re looking to incorporate influencer marketing into your summer promotional campaigns, contact us and we’ll find the perfect influencers for your brand!

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