Our Core Capabilities


When you partner with us, you can trust that we will evaluate your business needs, campaign KPIs, and target consumer mindset in order to develop a spectrum of media strategies that will deliver the results you need.


Our incredibly diverse network allows us to test, brainstorm, and gather feedback from your ideal demographic. Enhance your campaigns with survey data that reveals effective talking points, or leverage our resources for ongoing product strategy.


Likes, views, clicks, comments, tweets, hashtags, repins, shares: we analyze every engagement metric to understand influencer and platform performance. Our data-driven focus means we’re continually evaluating campaign metrics to improve our content strategies.


For clients with in-house influencer management teams, we run workshops and training sessions for both marketing and legal stakeholders. We offer a custom curriculum that streamlines the process of recruiting, managing, and activating influencers at scale.


We specialize in delivering best-in-class content for our clients, which consistently yields up to 3x the industry engagement rate. From creative services to influencer activation, every campaign starts with a customized content strategy. Social engagement minimums are guaranteed, with real-time performance metrics, handpicked talent and data-driven insights. Our diverse network of influencers across multiple platforms allows for a broad spectrum of media strategies — and our hands-on approach  means we will personally help you discover what works best for your brand.

  • Blog Posts
  • Video
  • Instagram Visual Storytelling
  • Facebook Content
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Live Events
  • Social Media Amplification


Looking for professional, editorially-driven content? Our Social Content Studio can boost your brand’s owned, earned, and paid social media presence. Our team of content producers, photographers, videographers and graphic designers can quickly and efficiently produce authentic original content that resonates with your target audience.


While content quality can be subjective, performance is a black and white issue. Our data-driven focus means we are continually evaluating campaign metrics to improve content strategies. Why is that post getting so many likes? Who is sharing that video and what are they saying about it? We analyze engagement information not just for our clients’ benefit, but to help shape our current and future strategies.

Our thousands-strong network of influencers, The Sway, encompasses many platforms and verticals, giving us access to a great variety of deeply engaged audiences. We are closely connected with our influencers and can custom query to find the precise socio and/or geographic demographics you are looking for. Our ongoing collaborative efforts allow us to continually improve content strategies and stay current with evolving technologies and platform trends.

For clients with in-house influencer management teams, we can supplement your programs in a variety of ways:

  • We can handle the initial recruitment, vetting, and negotiations for relationships that will ultimately be owned by you
  • We are able to track your influencer content as it goes live and report on metrics.
  • We can offer strategic advice on how to repurpose influencer content
  • We run custom workshops and training sessions for brands and agencies designed to help teams improve and scale their influencer programs.

We are also able to help you execute conference partnerships and other in-person events with influencers and consumers.

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