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Using Influencers to Increase Online Sales

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When it comes to generating sales online, marketers have a plethora of strategies to choose from. But with the nonstop growth in influencer popularity (whether it’s a social media personality, a blogger with a killer fan base, or both) it’s time to evaluate how influencer marketing can be your go-to tool to drive online sales.

Using Influencers to Increase Online Sales

How to Increase Online Sales with Influencer Marketing

Here are our best tips to use influencers to increase online sales:

One of the benefits of using social media to engage your consumers is that brands can customize their messaging and target their audience to greater detail than ever before. Influencer marketing allows brands to do this in an authentic and trusted way. Overall, by combining your brand with the right storyteller, you can generate greater brand awareness, strengthen connections with consumers, and increase online sales.

The Recipe

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to secure the most popular influencer in your geographic area, or focusing too much on finding the perfect social media celebrity. But to find the sweet spot in influencer marketing, you have to mix and match a bit. Influencers should have some combination of the following key ingredients to successfully help drive sales:

  • Reach: How large is the influencer’s audience on their blog and/or social media channels? Do they have a huge Twitter following, but an unimpressive Facebook fan base? Let this data help drive your content marketing plan so you’re selling to the right people, in the right place.
  • Relevance: How closely does the influencer’s audience align with your target market? Maybe Influencer A has a smaller reach than Influencer B, but their audience demographics match yours at 99%, where as Influencer B’s audience is only a 50% match.
  • Authority: How reputable is the influencer’s within your industry? How much do their own followers trust their recommendations? When it comes to creating sponsored posts that are also authentic and organic, trust is absolutely critical. Yes, the influencer is helping you drive sales, but their audience knows it’s because they believe in the product and genuinely recommend it.

Finding the right mix of relevance, authority, and reach is crucial in setting your influencer marketing campaign up to boost sales and traffic to your brand. Learn how to find the best influencer for your brand and contact us for help building your influencer marketing plan.

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