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Spookily Effective Halloween Content Ideas

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Our creative team and our influencers are constantly producing creative content ideas, like this viral Facebook video and this viral Facebook post. Coming up with great Halloween marketing ideas can be challenging, so we gathered their content to inspire your Halloween marketing campaigns. By creating useful, creative content like this, you can capture and engage consumers.

Working with influencers to help you develop branded Halloween content is an especially effective way to reach your audience and drive awareness for your product. Whether it’s incorporating your product into a costume or a fun Halloween themed party spread, our influencers know how to creatively showcase brands through content that gets seen.Spookily Halloween Marketing Ideas from Sway Influencer Agency

Halloween Marketing Ideas

These easy DIY costumes for kids are one way to engage consumers around Halloween:

Rosie the Riveter Influencer
1. Rosie the Riveter 

Grease Lightning Costume Ideas for Halloween Marketing2. Grease Lightning Costumes

Influencer Ideas for Halloween

3. Fred and Wilma Flintstone

Influencer Marketing Ideas for Halloween

4. Aubrey Hepburn

Jelly Bean Bag Costume for Influencer Campaigns

5. Jelly Bean Bag

Toy Army Man Costume for Halloween Marketing from Influencer Agency

6. Toy Army Man

And if costumes aren’t your thing, you should definitely check out this great haunted Halloween party and short Facebook videos showing DIY decor glow in the dark floating ghosts (2 million views and counting) and trash bag spider webs (4 million views and counting) for a few ideas on holiday content creation that can work for your product.

If you are not marketing your brand through holiday themed content in some way, you are missing out on a HUGE opportunity. Whether you partner with influencers who create party decor, recipes, or costumes that highlight your products, influencer marketing is a powerful way to market to consumers.

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