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Taking Food Photography from Good To Great: A Checklist for Marketers

By September 8, 2017 December 18th, 2017 No Comments

One of the biggest factors that can morph an influencer marketing campaign into something special and long-lasting is natural, beautiful food photography, created by REAL people. Having visually compelling photos are vital to any marketing campaign, which is why it’s important to understand whether the influencers you are working with are capturing your brand on camera as best as possible.


How do you take your influencers’ food photography from good to GREAT?  Use our below checklist for brands and marketers to ensure you are getting what you need out of your influencer marketing campaign.

1. It’s All About Good Lighting

Natural light is best when it comes to photography, and if outside, ask influencers to seek open shade. You want to avoid photos shot directly in the sun, as well as in a shadow. If indoors, ask influencers to set the subject of their photo near a window and turn off any overhead or artificial lights. Simple sunlight and a few props make for the best photos.

2. Put The Product To Work

Readers are always looking for products they can relate to or picture themselves using. There is no easier way to catch a consumer’s eye than by showing them your brand’s products in use. For food photography, showing what the first bite looks like with a fork or a spoonful of deliciousness can leave a long-lasting impression and help consumers feel like they’re a part of what’s happening in the photo.

3. Highlight Those Angles

Highlighting angles isn’t just a new beauty craze – it’s also essential to any photograph. You can take photographs of a subject from nearly any angle – above, below, side to side, at eye-level, etc. However, sometimes the key to making a photo go from “good” to “GREAT” is a new perspective. A product might look good as part of a flat lay, but what about when you’re looking at it from the edge of a table? Having influencers play with angles and perspectives can give your readers a pleasant surprise.

4. Blurring The Background To Make Your Product Pop

Selective focus and blurring the background are both great ways to make a subject look simply amazing and less complicated. Influencers can use a macro lens, or stop down the aperture on a camera for a more shallow depth of field. You don’t want to blur too much, so it might require an influencer to play with the camera settings.

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