4 Ways to Market Your Brand with Facebook Stories

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Last week Facebook released it’s newest Story feature. Similar to Snapchat Stories, Facebook Stories also allow you to post pictures or videos, use animated filters, and see who has watched your story in the last 24 hours. However, even though Facebook Stories are nearly identical to Snapchat Stories, its important to take the time to understand its unique marketing capabilities. That’s why today we’re giving you 4 ways to market your brand with Facebook Stories.

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How to Use Facebook Stories to Promote Your Brand

Discover 4 simple ways to market your brand with Facebook Stories:

1. Be a Tease

A great way to lead prospects to your company blog or brand’s website is to post snippets of your current content. By only allowing your audience to see short sneak-peaks of your latest blog post or newest product, you’re viewers will be begging to see more. This curiosity will then drive viewers to your company’s website where you can turn prospects into customers!

2. Let Your Audience Weigh In

Ask your audience questions! By getting your audience to speak up, you can find out what kind of content or products your audience prefers. This also helps to fine-tune your marketing strategy because you can weed out the content your users don’t like and focus on what they do. Involving your audience is an overall great marketing strategy because they feel like their voice is heard which in turn creates customer loyalty.

3. Share Short How-To’s

Since Facebook Stories limit your posts to a short amount of time, they’re perfect for creating step-by-step videos. For example, say you’re a makeup company that has just released a new eye makeup palette. You could separate your story into a sequence of steps that show viewers how to create a makeup look using the colors in the palette. This is only one example, but the possibilities are endless! The point is, people are willing to fully watch how-to’s if they’re short, interesting, and of course beneficial to them.

4. Host a Takeover

Hosting takeovers is awesome for getting more eyes on your content. Why? Because influencers have thousands and even millions of followers that trust their opinion. To host a takeover, all you have to do is find an influencer that coincides with your brand or product and have them take over your Facebook Story for the day. People love knowing what products their idols are using so once they see their favorite influencer on your story, they’ll be sure to check out your brand’s webpage! Need help finding an influencer? Just contact us and we’ll find the perfect one for your brand in our diverse network of 90,000 influencers!

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