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Event Spotlight: Camp Mighty (November 10-12, 2011)

By September 28, 2011 No Comments

(Ed. Note: This is the first in a monthly series of posts we will be sharing about the events that we sell at Sway In Real Life.)

In years past, influential women in social and mainstream media have gathered at an annual retreat called Mighty Summit. Past attendees include executives from the Oprah Winfrey Show, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and dozens of top bloggers including a number of those who are represented by Sway Group. This year, Mighty Summit has been opened to a wider audience for the first time ever. At Camp Mighty, 150 influencers will gather together in Palm Springs to discuss how they can help each other with their life lists, how they can raise up the community as a whole, and how they can build relationships with each other and with select sponsors.

There are many elements that make Camp Mighty different from other conferences. Most notably, of course is its small and intimate size. Additionally, there is a very large focus on social good and self-improvement (sponsors have a unique opportunity at Camp to sponsor teams of bloggers that are working together to raise charitable funds).

Held at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, Camp Mighty will take place in an aesthetically pleasing setting that is tailor-made for photos (and these attendees just love taking photos). The sessions will focus on self and community, and the conversation will start before Camp is even in session, with chatter on a specially created Facebook group.

Camp Mighty is a great fit for a variety of sponsor types, and we can definitely be creative when putting together your sponsorship package, but it is an especially good fit for fitness products, food brands, brands with a creative and/or life skills bent, beauty products, technology, travel and financial services.

We are specifically looking for sponsors who want intense one-on-one time with established, high-influence bloggers, sponsors who want to promote philanthropic initiatives, and those who want to promote the betterment of self (empowerment).

To chat more about Camp Mighty or get a copy of our sales sheet, please contact us so we can get started!