Domino’s came to Sway Group to activate the influencer portion of their 2018 #DominosNYE program that encouraged consumers to include pizza in whatever their New Year’s Eve plans were to be. We activated close to 100 millennial micro-influencers in the days leading up to, and including NYE via blog posts, Instagram posts and stories, Facebook and Twitter. This was a quick turn program for us here at Sway – 20 days total including recruitment, content development and approval and launch.

This was a stand-out campaign for several reasons: The timing and content theme were a perfect way to utilize influencers. Influencer content anchored to an event or time of year (in this case New Year’s Eve), ties brand messaging to the larger consumer conversation already in progress. When combined with limited time offers (which this campaign had) it can also drive significant traffic. All of this combined resulted in stellar results with extremely high consumer engagement metrics across all platforms. And finally, campaigns like #DominosNYE often catch the eye of traditional media – in this case it was included in a Vox article, which greatly extended Domino’s influencer investment.