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Sway Group Press Roundup 6/20 – 7/20

Our first month in existence has been an amazing one! Thank you to everyone for all of the support. Here are links to some of the amazing articles that have been written about Sway Group to date: MamaPundit, 6/19 Meet the Ari Gold of Mommy Bloggers AdAge, 6/20 Mommy Bloggers Have Their Own Talent Agency, Sway Group A Blog Job,…

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Congratulations to the BlogHer Voices of the Year!

Yesterday afternoon, BlogHer announced their 2011 Voices of the Year. We’d like to offer our huge congratulations to all of the honorees, and give a special shout-out to the multiple Sway Group bloggers who made the list. We are continually amazed at the talent we have within our ranks. What an amazing group of women. The Sway Group bloggers who…

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What do Sponsors Want from Blogger Conferences?

Sway Group’s sister company is called Sway in Real Life, and is focused on selling sponsorships to social media conferences. We love having this service in our arsenal, as it allows us to create comprehensive programs that include both online and offline components. A couple of weeks ago, I drew this spider chart to show how that would translate for…

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Thoughts on “Pay for Play”

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve heard some brand folks dismiss a blogger program because, “we don’t pay for play.” I’d like to take the opportunity to clarify the Sway Group position on this. To say outright that bloggers should never be paid by brands is foolish. As influencers and storytellers, there are many instances in which bloggers deserve…

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Blogging for Philanthropic Causes

I was out of town all last week with incredibly limited access to my laptop, so I missed a lot of the brouhaha that erupted following Heather Armstrong‘s trip to Bangladesh. As my family and I drove south through Michigan, back into civilization, I sat shotgun, and scrolled furiously through posts about the controversy on my iPhone, trying to get…

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Why does Sway Group Exist?

I have been thinking about forming a business like Sway Group for over two years now, but had always hesitated. There were so many great reasons NOT to launch my own company. It is scary to leave a secure, high-level job as an executive. I loved the company where I worked (Edelman), I loved my co-workers. I was never quite…

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Who is Sway?

In addition to the lovely ladies featured on our bios pages, there are some other people without whom Sway Group wouldn’t be possible. These are the bloggers of course! As we set out to create this agency, we realized early on that the scope needed to be somewhat limited. Since the Sway Group model is a brand new one, it…

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