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How to Maximize Your Television Advertising with Complementary Content Marketing

How to maximize television advertising with content marketing

In the days following a nationally televised game, event or award show, conversation in the marketing sector is dominated not only by wins and losses, but the advertising that best captured the country’s attention. With millions of Americans tuned in, a 30-second television spot is a surefire tactic to gain visibility, and is just the tipping point of an integrated…

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Sway Group CEO at Marketing Land: “How To Market On Pinterest And Instagram”

Are you a fan of Marketing Land? It’s a fantastic resource for news and information on internet marketing, marketing issues and the online marketing industry, and Sway Group’s CEO Danielle Wiley is one of the site’s latest expert contributors. Her current article is titled “How To Market On Pinterest And Instagram — Even If You Don’t Have A Branded Account.”…

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Facebook is Accused of ‘Failing Marketers’ in Scathing Forrester Report

The first line of the open letter to Facebook from Nate Elliott, principal analyst at Forrester Research, pulls exactly zero punches: Facebook is failing marketers. Elliott goes on to criticize Facebook over the fact that he believes the social media giant has failed to satisfy marketers despite collecting more than $4 billion in advertising revenues last year. He cites the…

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