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Top 5 Hottest Instagram Video Trends and the Influencers Making It Happen

instagram video

Since Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, the platform has continued its steady growth to become one of the most-used social media channels in the world. As the platform evolves, what we are now seeing is that Instagram video is now vital to any brand looking to establish a presence on the platform. With big YouTube stars making the switch to…

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The Basic Recipe for A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Finding inspiration for great content is one thing, but figuring out where to start when crafting a new content marketing strategy is another. Building a brand new strategy from the ground up can feel entirely overwhelming. However, even though the actual content may differ, all content marketing strategies consists of four main ingredients that never change. What are these four ingredients? Here…

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How Facebook Reactions Impact Your Content Strategy

For the past year, Facebook has been releasing new, creative features that allow marketers to uniquely promote their products on social media and better engage with prospects. However, one feature that stands above the rest is Reactions. Facebook Reactions are a great tool for marketers to use to evaluate the strength of their content marketing strategy. How? Keep reading to find out! How…

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4 Steps to Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

creating your best content marketing strategy

Consumers are smart, especially online, forcing those of us in marketing and advertising to get more creative in how we reach them. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach based on developing quality, relevant content for a specific audience. When done correctly, it can attract, retain, and educate your target audience, creating a connection between the consumer and your company….

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Instagram Video Marketing: 4 Tips to Visually Promote Your Product

Instagram video marketing

With more than 700 million users, Instagram is a powerful multimedia content marketing tool. But like any tool in your marketing arsenal, you have to know how to use it for it to truly be effective. You may be posting pictures on Instagram as part of your marketing strategy, but what about videos? Instagram videos not only add movement to a still feed,…

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Content Marketing: The Voodoo That We Do

content marketing

As marketers, we’re constantly looking for new, innovative ways to better engage our intended audience. We may get a little crazy sometimes, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a method to the madness. In this blog post, we show you how we mix and match content marketing strategies to created sponsored campaigns that bring social success. How to Mix and Match…

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Spookily Effective Halloween Content Ideas

Halloween marketing ideas that are spookily effective

Our creative team and our influencers are constantly producing creative content ideas, like this viral Facebook video and this viral Facebook post. Coming up with great Halloween marketing ideas can be challenging, so we gathered their content to inspire your Halloween marketing campaigns. By creating useful, creative content like this, you can capture and engage consumers. Working with influencers to help you develop…

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8 Things You’re Missing from Your Millennials Marketing Strategy

How to Reach Millennials Online

Millennials are more 80 million strong in the United States, surpassing baby boomers as the nation’s largest living generation. They hold a lot of buying power – an impressive $200 billion annually. Unfortunately, marketing to millennials can be a struggle when you don’t know how to connect with them, since generally they don’t trust traditional advertising. Find out how to reach millennials online and harness that buying…

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