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5 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Brand’s Site

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With all of the resources out there, marketers have plenty of ways to easily share their content and drive traffic to their webpage. Therefore, the question is no longer how should you share your content but rather how to do so in a way that will increase traffic to your company’s page. In this post, we show you 5 ways guaranteed to increase traffic to your website.

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5 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Brand’s Site

Try out our best tips to increase traffic to your brand’s site:

1. Influencers

Influencers can be anyone from food bloggers to beauty gurus to lifestyle vloggers. Why are influencers so great at creating traffic? I’ll give you two reasons. First, influencers are skilled in crafting branded content that promotes your company while still sounding organic to their feed. Secondly, influencers have already established an audience of loyal followers who trust their opinions. Therefore, by working with an influencer, you can successfully draw attention to your company in a natural way that best reaches potential clients.

2. Be Smart About SEO

Make your blog post not only easy for readers to find but also for Google to find! Incorporating keywords that emphasize your post’s focal points and repeating them throughout the copy is crucial to your SEO.  It can be difficult to utilize search engine optimization (SEO) while creating authentic sounding content for your company’s blog. Fortunately, there are great tools like WordPress and Yoast designed to help you create genuine sounding posts that fully incorporate SEO.

3. Social Media

Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are all platforms that allow marketers to connect with prospects in an instant. Tweeting out a new blog post or posting a picture of your latest product with a link to your site are great ways to draw attention to your brand. Social media is not only effective in promoting your company exponentially but it also makes it easy to connect with prospects on a more personal level. By retweeting a tweet where your company is mentioned or replying back to a comment, you make your followers feel heard. In return, they will give you their loyalty and tell their friends about your company, driving traffic to your site.

4. Post Frequently & Consistently

Posting content often is a great way to stimulate your audience’s interest. It’s also helpful to have set days that you post so your followers know when to check out your site. However, make sure frequent posts doesn’t translate to careless posts. Make sure you are still posting content that is creative, thoughtful, and promotes your brand’s product or service. By doing so, you’ll increase traffic to your page by continuing to capture your audience’s attention.

5. Make Your Content Easy to Share

Your readers are going to want to share your posts. Add a tweetable link or a Pin It button so your readers can easily share your posts with their followers. By doing so, your followers will be able to share your content with the click of a button. The best part of your followers reposting your content? Their followers will also see your posts and be drawn to your site. That way you will be reaching a number of audiences and increasing traffic to your site without lifting a finger.

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