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5 Reasons to Say Yes to Influencer Marketing

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There was a time when Sway Group was primarily known as an influencer marketing agency. As the industry evolved and new technology platforms gained in popularity, we broadened our mission to content marketing — regardless of where that content lives. Over the years, we’ve seen what works and changed our business practices to incorporate those winning strategies. Ultimately, we help brands achieve marketing success by partnering with the most talented influencers on an ever-increasing number of media and social outlets.

5 Reasons to Say Yes to Influencer Marketing

As you look to the social web for your next promotion, consider the benefits of working with the right content marketing specialist:

1. We’ve got the best people for the job, whatever the job might be. If the task of finding the best influencers on a given subject seems overwhelming, that’s because it is! With nearly 3 billion active social media accounts out there, filtering through the noise to create the buzz you want can be a real challenge. We’ve already built an exclusive network of crackerjack publishers who are ready to advocate for your brand, and we can target a broad range of categories like parenting, fashion, crafting, home décor, fitness, food, and more.

2. Experience cuts down on guesswork. Influencer marketing is more art than science, and it’s always evolving. We’ve spent enough time working with bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram stars, Pinterest tastemakers, and social media mavens of all types in order to tell you what works — and maybe more importantly, what doesn’t.

3. Outsourcing outreach means you’re free to focus on the big picture. Why spend all your time on research and negotiations when you’ve got a promotion to run? We can manage every aspect of your campaign, from drafting contracts with influencers to generating in-depth program metrics.

4. In the battle for attention span, quality wins. From ever-refreshing news feeds to overflowing inboxes, we’re drowning in data these days. Forget the hard sell or bone-dry press releases, savvy marketers know it’s more important than ever to create and curate content that actually provides value. Our influencers are influential because they do exactly that: they deliver relevant, relatable content with authenticity and personality. When they’re sharing your message in their signature voice, you get the kind of top-quality content that drives search and engagement — and you’re tapping into the trust, credibility, and authority they’ve built with their audience. We also have a dedicated Quality Assurance team that reviews every single assignment to ensure we’re always meeting program goals.

5. It’s all about sway. There’s a reason that word is right in our company name. It’s a noun, it’s a verb, it’s that oh-so-special ingredient in every successful social campaign. Whether you’re looking to create awareness, change perceptions, spark conversations, or drive specific actions, we can provide the <strong>sway</strong> you need.

Talk to us today about our network’s unique combination of reach and relationships.

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