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Food Brands and Influencer Marketing: A Recipe for Success

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Food brands and influencer marketing go hand in hand. Few consumer verticals are so deliciously well suited for influencer marketing as food. Work with the best food bloggers and influencers to create original, creative content that makes your product shine.

Consider how people are finding mealtime inspiration these days: while there will surely always be a place for our beloved handwritten recipe cards, social media and food have become the perfect pairing. As much as we enjoy eating food, we’re increasingly enamored with talking about, tweeting, liking, pinning, photographing, and sharing food.

Work with the best food bloggersWork with the Best Food Bloggers to Promote Your Product

Social creators in the food space understand the power of visual appeal. Gorgeous photographs and other rich content are must-haves, and the most popular influencers are as skilled at presentation as they are at cooking. For a recent campaign with Pepperidge Farm, we worked with a culinary influencer to host a live event showcasing the brand throughout the menu. From the professional, colorful photos of everything from the décor to the custom printables to the recipes she developed, Pepperidge Farm was incorporated into every aspect of the event, resulting in exceptional engagement that surpassed campaign goals.

Work with the best food bloggers to promote your products

Recipe Creation

Recipe creation is an important component of our food brand campaigns, which gives audiences valuable content they won’t find elsewhere. Food-related websites often pick up these posts and drive even more traffic to the campaign, like in the case of a Sway Group influencer who partnered with Cape Cod Potato Chips to create a chocolate-covered treat that was featured on Foodgawker. Another influencer working on the same campaign came up with a sandwich recipe that was highlighted by Tastespotting. Yet another influencer recently had the recipes from two different sponsored posts featured on Buzzfeed: Mexican avocado BLT pasta salad and fig and bacon grilled cheese.

Work with the best food bloggers to promote your products

Personal Storytelling

When food brands allow influencers to put their own creative spin on a tried-and-true product, the payoff can be huge. For instance, Amy Locurto of Living Locurto developed a unique cupcake INSIDE a Coca-Cola can as part of a sponsored post program for Coca-Cola and Ritz Cracker’s Home Bowl. The “cherry float” was a major hit on social media. The recipe video was featured on mainstream news outlets, and now has more than a quarter of a million views.

Work with the best food bloggers to promote your products

The Perfect Fit

Sway Group finds the most natural connections between talented influencers and brands, because that’s when audiences feel engaged rather than marketed to. The secret ingredient in these partnerships? Authenticity. A thinly-disguised ad will never have the impact of genuine, useful content — and that’s why our five-star food campaigns made by the best food bloggers consistently deliver the goods.

Work with the best food bloggers to promote your products

Timing Is Everything

While some recipes are great year-round, the holidays is where our food bloggers shine! And when done right, this content can be picked up by larger syndications or go viral on social media. The food isn’t always the source of their success. On our most recent Dole campaign, a graphic our influencer made went viral on Facebook.

Marketing food brands for the holidays just makes sense. This is a time when food content is particularly popular on social media and everyone is trying to find that perfect recipe that will outshine Aunt Betty’s family favorite or ingredient that will take their go-to recipe to the next level.

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